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30 Aug, 2022

How to test Capacitors?

To ensure your capacitor bank is working optimally it is important to test your capacitors. Here is a simple method to test them, whether they are "ON" or "OFF".

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12 Mar, 2019

Why doesn't Cos Phi use 100kVAR steps?

In the manufacturing world today, there are many sensitive loads and measurement devices that are susceptible to poor power quality, especially transients from switching large loads. There is also a problem with ring-waves on systems with transformers smaller than 2500kVA.

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5 Mar, 2019

How does Billing Demand Work?

How demand billing works is important to understand as it can tell you much more than what you are paying for your demand. It can also tell you if you are paying surcharges for poor power factor, thus allowing you to take corrective actions to eliminate those charges

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27 Feb, 2019

How do you improve Power Factor?

This blog post discusses the most common placement locations of power factor correction banks in the electrical system when correcting the power factor.

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21 Feb, 2019

Why Improve Power Factor?

There are various reasons for correcting power factor. This post discusses the most common ones.

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14 Feb, 2019

What is Power Factor

An overview of what power factor is and how it is calculated.

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07 Feb, 2019

Hydro Billing Analysis and its use

An overview of how Cos Phi conducts and makes use of a hydro billing analysis' in its initial assessment of the power quality of a facility and for calculating potential future cost savings in instances where power factor correction equipment is needed.

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