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Static Capacitor Banks

Inductive loads can demand large amounts of reactive power which reduces the overall facility power factor. The full load power factor of individual motors can range from 0.60 to 0.93 and drops as the load is reduced. Since many motors operate well below full load conditions, typical power factors may be much lower than stated on the motor nameplate. When capacitors are added to motors, the capacitor supplies the reactive power needs of the motor, thus improving power factor at this point and all points upstream from it. Both the facility and the electric utility benefit when fixed capacitors are applied right at the motor or other inductive load.

  • 3-year warranty
  • NEMA 1 Enclosure RAL 7040 Gray
  • Small footprint, saving floor space
  • De-rated from 690V to 600V
  • Delta-connected
  • Internal over-pressure disconnect
  • Internal discharge resistors
  • 20 year expected lifespan
  • All capacitor banks ESA inspected

  • Fused
  • LED status indicators
  • De-tuning reactors
  • Contactor (120VAC coil)
  • Control Transformer
  • Wall mount enclosure w/ hinged door

Note: Our panel shop can also make a complete motor starter or soft start package with capacitor. These are perfect for applications with no speed control, such as fans, pumps, grinders, etc.. Retrofits can be considered too.

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