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Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Power Factor Correction Capacitors are used for the purpose of improving Power Factor in low voltage power networks. Our capacitors use an MKP technology that consists of metalized polypropylene (PP) film that has an extremely low loss factor. The dielectric system is self-healing and has no liquid impregnate. Capacitor elements are enclosed in cylindrical aluminum cases and are filled with a vegetable oil based gel which is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The capacitors have over-pressure protection to disconnect it from the supply in the event of internal failure and at the end of its operational life.

Overpressure Disconnect

Three phase capacitors are delta connected. Delta connected three phase capacitors are friendlier to the electrical environment than others (i.e. Wye connected). They not only provide capacitance to each phase but also provides no voltage unbalances.

If a capacitor cell should fail for any reason in one phase it will move from a closed delta to an open delta configuration. In this instance the voltage on each phase stays the same. Failure of a capacitor cell would only mean a drop in the kVAR on the circuit. In other words, a 30kVAR delta connected three phase capacitor with a failed cell would provide 20kVAR to the electrical system instead of 30kVAR.

Delta connected capacitors are also capable of circulating harmonic currents to some degree within the delta circuit and by doing so help to reduce the harmonics on the electrical system.

The capacitors can be installed in any position. Mounting is by M12 stud on the bottom and this can also be used for the earth connection - max tightening torque 5 Nm. Connection in terminal is done by M5 screws - max torque 2 Nm. Connecting cables must permit the capacitor top to rise by 20 mm to ensure correct operation of the over-pressure disconnector. For expansion the upper part of the capacitor must be free without any fixing clamp. If necessary, fixing clamps can be mounted on the lower capacitor part below the groove only.

General Specifications

Rated Voltage: 230, 480, 600, 690
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Standards: IEC 60831-1+2, EN 60831-1+2, UL 810, GOST 1282-88, VDE 0560 46+47
Max Over Voltage:
UN + 10% (up to 8 hrs daily)
UN + 15% (up to 30 minutes daily)
UN + 20% (up to 5 minutes)
UN + 30% (up to 1 minute)
Overcurrent:1.5 - 2.0 * IN
Capacitance Tolerance: -5 / +10%
Test Voltage, terminal/terminal:
2.15 * UN, AC, 2 s
Test Voltage: terminal/case:
UN < 500V: 3000V AC, 10s
UN > 500V: 2 x UN + 2000V AC, 10s
Inrush Current: Max 400 x IN
Life: 150,000-200,000 (depending on voltage & temperature)
Degree of Protection: IP 20, (on request IP54)
Permissable Relative Humidity: 95%
Max above sea level: 4000 m
Mounting: M12 Stud on bottom, Any position
Case: Aluminum
Dielectric: MKP - metalized PP film
Impregnant: Dry type, inert gas N2
Discharge Resistors: Included - 50V, 1 minute or 75V, 3 minutes

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