Our Evaluation Process

A Cos Phi representative will arrange an initial meeting with you and/or other personal you may select at your facility. At this meeting they will briefly explain our products and services with you and gather general information about your facility.

Some of the information requested may include:

  • General facility contact information
  • Electrical Service Entrance Data
  • Power Usage Data
  • Types of Equipment in facility
  • Hydro Billing Information (photo-copies of past 12 months)
  • Single Line Electrical Diagram (if available)

Based on the information gathered a determination is made as to whether a more detailed study is required.

If a more detailed study is required, information will be brought back to Cos Phi for further handling. Depending on what is required this may include but is not limited to:

A review of the facility information questionnaire and accompanying documentation by an electrical power engineer/technician to determine any special needs that may be required before a correction can be designed (i.e.. onsite power quality measurements or surveys).

A hydro billing analysis. This analysis will help make a number of determinations.

  • First and foremost, it provides a historical representation of Power Usage at your facility which can be used to make a general determination of correction size and requirements needed for your facility based on the historical data.
  • It will show trends in usage, which may help in implementing other energy saving programs or procedures in your facility.
  • Next it can be used to estimate the potential savings that may be incurred by correcting the facilities Power Factor and Power Quality.
  • All hydro companies charge a surcharge for poor power factor. However, it is up to you, their customer to determine if you are being charged this surcharge. While utilities will provide you with information regarding their charges Most utility bills do not currently show this surcharge. We do it as part of our initial investigation.
  • You can also use the potential savings to determine the feasibility of implementing the required correction for your facility. Generally the pay-back period is not long.
  • In our analysis of the hydro billing we also look to make sure that you have in fact been billed correctly. It is not uncommon for companies to be over billed due to human error.

Another meeting will be arranged to discuss the findings of this review and recommendations will be presented to you and/or your staff members as to what the next step we recommend is.

To show how much we value our customers, to this point there is no charge for our services with the exception of travel/living expenses, if they are incurred in the event that overnight travel is required. However, you will always receive prior notification of any charges.



Collectively, our clients save in excess of $100M a year that otherwise
would have been paid in avoidable penalty costs.

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