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checklist.pngHave you identified that your facility could use some power factor correction, but not sure of the next step? Or perhaps you need help determining whether you need power factor correction and are not sure where to start.

In either case a site evaluation by people with the appropriate background and training in power factor and power quality will be required in order to determine the location and type of correction needed. Cos Phi would be more than happy to assist you in this process.

Our technicians will visit your site, examine equipment and operations as well as collect pertinent information such as:

  • Check your main transformer(s) rating plate to determine short circuit capacity
  • Check your service entrance for physical space requirements
  • Check switchgear/MCC for disconnect/circuit breaker space
  • Generate a list of motors/VFDs etc.
  • Determine best placement for power factor correction equipment throughout the facility

We will then provide you with the results of our evaluation with recommendations.

See our Site Information document for more detailed information on the general type of data we collect to help determine your power factor correction needs.

Need a turnkey installation? This is a good time for Cos Phi to bring in an estimator from one of our electrical contracting partners, or bring your own contractor to ask questions. 

A site evaluation visit is also a good time to discuss power quality concerns. Let us know what problems you're having in your facility and we can begin to address them on the spot.

In the event that you need help determining whether you need power factor correction, a review of your hydro billing is the best place to start. Cos Phi can conduct a complimentary billing analysis for you. See our Hydro Billing Analysis page for more information.

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