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dranetzpkg_0.jpgPower Quality is a measure of how well an electrical supply system supports the reliable operation of its loads. A power disturbance or event can involve voltage, current, or frequency. These disturbances can be caused by improper power systems design, faulty consumer loads, or the utility provider.

Cos Phi can monitor any of the various power quality conditions to establish the corrective action needed for your facility. Whether you need power quality measurements taken at a troubled piece of equipment or PQ measurements at your service entrance to determine the overall state of the electrical system we've got you covered.


The Costs of Poor Power Quality Can be Significant! 

  • Poor quality of power causes not only physical damage to equipment, but also results in downtime, which, in turn, lowers productivity and a substantial increase in energy costs
  • Lost production:  Each time production is interrupted, your business loses profit on product that is not manufactured and sold
  • Damaged equipment:  Interruptions can damage a partially complete product, causing the material to be re-run or scrapped or worse yet, simply become product waste
  • Energy cost:   Electric utilities may charge penalties on poor power factor or high peak demands
  • False utility issues:  The inherent design of the Emergency Power System is to protect against utility power interruptions.  Power quality issues can cause voltage fluctuations, creating wasted fuel costs and unnecessary run time on the Emergency Power System
  • Increased Carbon footprint. Poor power quality also means higher power demand requirements which in turn increases your carbon footprint

Monitoring Packages

Our monitoring packages come with a detailed report which includes our observations, measurement printouts, conclusions and recommendations for corrective measures. Because we also design and manufacture our own corrective equipment,  we can also include a quotation for corrective equipment if needed, on request

What we can monitor:

  •  Power (kW, kVA, kVAR – min., avg., max.)
  • Current (each phase - min., avg., max.)
  • Voltage (each phase - min., avg., max.)
  • Harmonic Spectrum (ITHD, VTHD, odd harmonics)
  • Voltage and Current Disturbances (e.g. sags, surges, swells, dips, transients, etc.)
  • Power Factor

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We also conduct complimentary Hydro Billing Analysis for those concerned about power factor penalties
that are being levied by their utility due to poor system power factor.


Reduce Product Defects Using Power Quality Correction - A case study
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