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Power MeterRationalizing an investment in a facility's infrastructure can be a difficult prospect for any plant engineer or technician, often requiring extensive justification. Investments that are deemed “low-risk” by upper management and have a fast return on investment (ROI) are typically the easiest to substantiate. One such investment that will pay considerable dividends over the course of its operating life is a comprehensive power monitoring system.

What are the benefits of monitoring?

  • Environmental — A better knowledge of how energy is used within a facility allows you to identify areas to improve efficiency, minimize waste, reduce energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint.

  • Reliability — System/Equipment monitoring can reveal existing or imminent issues that can adversely affect the operation and production within a facility.

  • Maintenance — Data trends can forecast and notify the appropriate people when discrete equipment parameters may be exceeded, allowing you to plan ahead instead of facing an unscheduled shutdown.

  • Safety — Monitoring systems can limit the exposure of personnel to potentially hazardous electrical environments by providing remote status and operational parameters of equipment within hazardous areas.

  • Financial — Each benefit discussed above either directly or indirectly influences a business's bottom line. In most cases, the monetary impact from even one or two benefits can quickly justify the purchase and installation of a power monitoring system.

Cos Phi provides integrated metering solutions for commercial and industrial buildings.

The first step required to make the most of your energy is to choose the right meters for the right job. Cos Phi offers a variety of metering hardware to measure your energy consumption, power usage and power quality.

Meters offer the ability to view the data locally via an LCD display, downloaded on any web enabled device for later analysis, or transferred via local intranet for analysis through any web browser enabled device.

In multiple meter applications or for convenience, data can be collected and sent over the local network or internet and in remote locations by GPRS/GSM modem. Data can then be analyzed locally using our energy metering software, or via a secure internet connection via regular web browser software.

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