Preventive Maintenance Services

Why Preventive Maintenance Service?apfc.png

Just like an automobile, your power factor correction bank requires regular maintenance to ensure that it is operating optimally. This maintenance should be conducted on a regular annual basis (twice in the first year of a newly installed bank occurring at six month intervals)

Some factors that may have adverse effects on the operation of your bank that that occur naturally include:

  • Loose connections - Can lead to arcing and catastrophic damage to the APFC
  • Failed Fuses - indicate a problem with a step in the bank or with the bank as a whole
  • Failing capacitors due to their natural or un-natural life span - reduced amount of kVAR being injected into the system
  • Dust and Dirt (depending on the location of installation) - known to cause arcing and catastrophic damage to the APFC


  • Optimal operation of the APFC or PFC
  • Ensures avoidance of penalties due to poor power factor by the utility
  • Helps to lengthen life of electrical equipment on the system
  • Help to reduce your carbon footprint

PM Service of Auto-switching Power Factor Correction Banks includes:

  • Panel performance test report (Volt, Amp, Power Factor)
  • Check wiring, connection points etc.
  • Check condition of components, replace if necessary
  • Check power factor setting, calibrate set values
  • Check power and control fuses
  • General cleaning
  • Completed Service Report for your records.

Buying a new Auto-switching Power Factor Correction Bank from Cos Phi?
Be sure to select the Preventive Maintenance Package option and extend your banks warranty.

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Note: we also service all manufacturers brands of power factor correction equipment


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