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old_cap_bank.JPGOnce Power Factor Correction equipment is installed in the facility, it will usually work seamlessly in the background for many years. Those monthly reactive power charge penalties have disappeared from the utility bill, carbon emissions and maintenance requirements have been reduced, and it is easily and often forgotten.

Unlike more obvious pieces of equipment though, there may be capacitor failures that go unnoticed over time. The lights in the building don’t go out, machines don’t stop running, and fuses don’t blow. There's no obvious indicators that anything has failed in the plant. Meanwhile the reactive power charges have started creeping back onto the utility bills every month.

In extreme cases there may be a more dramatic incident in the mains room when a capacitor system has been neglected for so long that a catastrophic failure results.

Cos Phi offers evaluation services to determine the status of your capacitor banks. We can repair the banks on-site or in extreme cases where the equipment is so old we offer complete refurbishing of the banks (usually at our facility).

With almost 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing power factor correction banks we repair not only our own banks but can repair all manufacturers brand as well. This is an advantage to our clients as it provides them a one-stop source for all their power factor correction repair needs.

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