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General Downloads

Site Information Questionnaire - PDF Version Pdf-image_0_0.png - MS Word

Suggested Capacitor Ratings for Motors Pdf-image_0_0.png

Power Factor Multiplier Chart Pdf-image_0_0.png - use this chart to determine the amount of kVAR required to reach a desired Power Factor.

Engineering Specifications & Product Catalog

Engineering Specifications & Product Catalog PDF - (single file) Pdf-image_0_0.png


(Individual files can be downloaded below)

Product/Services Downloads

Power Factor Correction Capacitors - Technical Specification Sheets

230V single phase Pdf-image_0_0.png
230V three phase Pdf-image_0_0.png
480V three phase Pdf-image_0_0.png
600V three phase Pdf-image_0_0.png
690V three phase Pdf-image_0_0.png

Static Power Factor Correction Banks

208V static banks Pdf-image_0_0.png
480V static banks Pdf-image_0_0.png
600V static banks Pdf-image_0_0.png

Auto-Switching Power Factor Correction (APFC) Banks

APFC Product cutsheet Pdf-image_0_0.png
Engineering Specs Pdf-image_0_0.png
Power Factor Controller Pdf-image_0_0.png

De-tuning Reactors

Detuning Reactor Product cutsheet Pdf-image_0_0.png

Line/Load Reactors

Line/Load Reactors Pdf-image_0_0.png

Preventive Maintenance

Service cutsheet Pdf-image_0_0.png
Scope of Work Pdf-image_0_0.png


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