Hydro Billing Analysis



The primary goal of our complimentary hydro billing analysis is to help indicate the efficiency of your electrical system through the examination of the demand readings recorded by the utility meter over a historical period of time (usually 12 months). In most cases demand billing is determined by power factor, and directly affects costs paid for demand.

The purposes of our hydro billing analysis:

  1. To show historical demand usage as seen by the utility meter over a period of time (preferably 12 months).
  2. To determine the electrical systems power factor as seen by the utility meter.
  3. To calculate avoidable costs due to poor power factor.
  4. To provide a correction size (when required) to bring the facility electrical systems power factor above the threshold where extra costs can be avoided.
  5. To forecast future savings potential that can be realized by correcting the power factor based on the most current hydro billing structure and rates.


Download a sample hydro billing analysis


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Case Study - Commercial Printing

Case Study - Dairy Food Processing (small)


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