Harmonic Distortion & Power Factor Correction

Power Quality - Investigating, Testing and Measurements Pdf-image_0_0.png

Why Finance Your Power Factor Correction Banks Pdf-image_0_0.png

Seven Reasons Your Should Finance Your Cos Phi Equipment Pdf-image_0_0.png

Static Power Factor Correction Banks

Delta Vs Wye Connected Capacitor Pdf-image_0_0.png

Effects of Negative Sequence Currents in Machines

Line Load Reactor Applications


Published Articles & Presentations

Savvy Power Factor Correction Yields Savings - Electrrical Business 2017 Pdf-image_0_0.png

A Word of Caution (Single-Conductor Cables Can Act As Harmonic Distortion From Non-Linear Loads) - Electrical Business Vol. XXXII, No. 2, February 1997

What You Don't Know May Hurt You ("start logging your problems", advises this specialist) - Electrical Business Vol XXX, No 9. September, 1994 Pdf-image_0_0.png

Power Quality and the Office Building - Energy manager magazine, March 1997

Power Quality - Presentation for Energy Management Conference, October 2007

Get The Measure of Your Enemy (if you have harmonics you should be able to measure it) - Electrical Business Magazine



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